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This dataset contains usage statistics (page impressions and visits) for the Berlin Open Data Portal Statistics are collected per month, both for the domain as such, and for all datasets (pages below /datensaetze).

Statistics are given in both CSV (split over two files) and JSON (one combined file).

Until 2019-12-31, usage statistics were collected with our internal BerlinOnline Site Statistics (BOSS) tool. As of 2020-01-01 we have stopped using BOSS on the Berlin Open Data Portal, and have replaced it with Webtrekk Analytics. Webtrekk has been in use since February 2019. While BOSS and Webtrekk provide the same metrics, the actual results differ. We have written a little bit on how and possible why BOSS and Webtrekk differ with respect to their results.

The historic BOSS data has been moved to data/historical, while the current Webtrekk data resides in data/current.


The code to extract the usage statistics is written in Ruby. It has been tested with Ruby 2.7.1.

The required gems are defined in the Gemfile. In particuler, these are:

If you have bundler, you can install the required gems as follows:

bundle install


Download here: daten_berlin_de.domain_stats.csv

Domain-wide statistics. One row per month, columns for page impressions, visits and average time spent on site (in seconds).



Download here: daten_berlin_de.page_stats.datensaetze.csv

Per-dataset statistics. One row per dataset, two columns per month (page impressions and visits).

page,2013-04-01 pi,2013-04-01 pv, ... ,2018-05-01 pi,2018-05-01 pv
liste-der-h%C3%A4ufigen-vornamen-2017,,, ... ,279,246
alkis-berlin-amtliches-liegenschaftskatasterinformationssystem,,, ... ,211,185


Download here: daten_berlin_de.stats.json.tgz (compressed)

The structure of the data is as follows:

  "timestamp": "2018-06-12 14:29:47 +0200",
  "stats": {
    "site_uri": "",
    "earliest": "2011-09-01",
    "latest": "2018-05-01",
    "totals": {
      "2018-05": {
        "impressions": 28563,
        "visits": 10436
      "2011-09": {
        "impressions": 54454,
        "visits": 23765
    "pages": {
      "datensaetze": {
        "page_uri": "",
        "earliest": "2013-04-01",
        "latest": "2018-05-01",
        "sub_page_counts": {
          "2018-05": {
            "liste-der-h%C3%A4ufigen-vornamen-2017": {
              "impressions": 279,
              "visits": 246
            "alkis-berlin-amtliches-liegenschaftskatasterinformationssystem": {
              "impressions": 211,
              "visits": 185


All software in this repository is published under the MIT License. All data in this repository (in particular the .csv and .json files) is published under CC BY 3.0 DE.

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